FOX V2 Vlar matte black

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FOX V2 Vlar matte black S
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Very light Shell made of injection moulded polycarbonate and ABS that disperse energy in the event of an impact.
4 shell sizes and 4 interior EPS sizes for a perfect fit.
Dual density EPS Varizorb™ foam: affords greater protection thanks to the dispersion of the impact forces via a larger surface.
Innovative Fluid Inside™ protection system: a low viscosity oil combined with closed cell foam, limits the cerebral fluid and manages the linear and rotational impact regardless of the angle or the type of impact and thus reducing possible cranial injuries.
MRVS™ (Magnetic Visor Release System): The system, patented by Fox that substitutes the three visor screws with magnets that help the visor to release easily in the event of a fall.
Lighter Epp/PU chin bar that provides greater energy absorption in the case of an impact.
Ventilation system with 11 air inlets on the front and 4 outlets on the reat to remove hot air from inside the helmet. With grids to avoid stones and mud getting in.
Removable and washable inner padding made of XT2® fabric (antibacterial and anti-odour fabric that wicks moisture).
Double buckle closure.